Rue de l’Aurore 4 / Avenue Broqueville 40 / Square Ambiorix 10

The Library; coworking memberships, offices for rent and beautiful meeting rooms

in stylish surroundings at the best addresses in Brussels



Offices for rent

Meeting rooms

The Library Group provides offices and meeting rooms for rent and co-working at three excellent and well situated addresses in Brussels.

Enjoying your day at the office within a traditional stylish houses that have been completely renovated and designed with Scandinavian taste design, is what we are offering. Personalized services, great social networking and beautiful meeting rooms are awaiting you in Ixelles, Montgomery and Schumann (at Square Ambiorix) areas. Each private office available for rent offers a unique and modernly decorated style and comfort. The co-working areas are airy and well-equipped with just the right balance of calm and bustle whilst the meeting rooms have different shaping that will put your guests at ease and make them feel like home.

Our team of dedicated staff members is ready to make sure that your day at the office will always be pleasant and as stress-free as possible. You will soon discover that it is possible to make great friends at work and find new business partners or clients.

Let us show you what a day at the office can also be like.

The Library Group

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