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Library Life — published 17/12/19

Years ago, Ulrik and Dirk met at a wedding. As it happened, Ulrik, who is Danish, and Dirk, who is Dutch worked for the shipping giants DHL and UPS. They quickly realised that by combining their expertise and entrepreneurial skills, they could offer shipping to an overlooked and ignored group – the smaller companies – and do it at reasonable prices with the added benefit of great customer service.


Dirk and Ulrik, what makes you passionate about shipping and logistics?

Shipping is an important part of the culture in both of our countries, so we are kind of born into it, but helping to facility trade, sharing experience from around the world is fascinating for both of us. You are selling a true service and, even though, we do rely on technology, it is still a business where people make all the difference.

If you ship parcels, packages or larger things like pallets or maybe run an online shop, let us know! As members we would be pleased to offer you our extended service including preferential rates.

What is the strangest thing that you have transported through World Options?

We have been challenged with many different things, probably the biggest was when a customer wanted a “used generator” to be shipped from outside Istanbul to Rotterdam. The challenge: It was in one piece and with a weight of 20 tons. When loading it in Istanbul, it fell of the trailer and in the middle of Ramadan, we needed to find a replacement trailer. This is when you provide customer centricity. We managed to get the shipment out in time for Turkey closing for one week and delivered to the customer in Rotterdam.


You are quite new at The Library and in an industry that would normally be in a more traditional office environment. What draws you to coworking?

We were looking for a place with character and where you easily can connect with people. We felt that The Library was the perfect place for our business and we see that we can easily manage growth within the walls of The Library. In addition to this, we greatly appreciate the service of the team and your customer focus. Our business is all about focussing on our customers and we feel we are in an environment that reflects this.


If you ship parcels, packages or larger items like pallets, or maybe run an online shop, let us know! As Library members, we would be pleased to offer you our extended service including preferential rates. You can find out more about the benefits of shipping with World Options by visiting our website or by contacting one of us at or .



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