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Library Life — published 22/11/21

You might have met Florence at the last Library summer party, or maybe you have been privately wondering how to fight stress and anxiety with the winter approaching and the general news of Covid-19 etc. It has been absolutely amazing to learn more about Florence’s take on stress and resilience and we warmly recommend that you read on and click on the links below the article. This is a rare case of somebody, who is not trying to sell you anything, other than inner peace and harmony. Enjoy!


Florence, tell us a bit about your business

It is not really a business as Heartfulness is offered for free. Heartfulness is an international non-profit organization represented in more than 160 countries. It is recognized as an NGO, associated to the Information Department of the United Nations and promoting the same core values of peace and brotherhood.

In early 2021, we founded a Belgian Heartfulness Foundation of public interest promoting a way of life that respects the human being and the environment and contributes to the development of a more sustainable, peaceful and resilient society trough a holistic approach. Relaxation and meditation classes, conferences and events are offered for free in the sense that the (certified) trainers are not paid but the participants can make a free donation to the Foundation.


What is heartfulness and how do we use it in our daily lives?

Certified Heartfulness trainers teach heart-based relaxation and meditation techniques using the Heartfulness method. It is an experimental way that brings us from the Mind to the Heart.

It connects us deeply within ourselves, with our essence, common to all humanity irrespective of our belief system, origin, race etc. Once, we are connected with the wisdom of our heart, we automatically gain strength and awareness, realizing our connection with one and all and become more balanced beings.

The regular practice of Heartfulness mediation improves our health and overall well-being, releases stress and enhances the quality of our lives. It brings clarity and peace of mind. Even more, we start realizing that whatever we think or do leave an impression on our inner selves as well as on our outer environment. Individual and collective consciousness is expanding leading at the end to a more peaceful and resilient society.


Can you describe your personal journey with heartfulness?

I started Heartfulness meditation 25 years back when I was a young lawyer in a big law firm in Brussels. It was a really stressful experience and it made me start questioning the sense of life. This questioning brought me to Heartfulness and completely changed my vision of life. It made me realize that happiness and contentment lie within, irrespective of life’s circumstances.

I became a Heartfulness trainer in 2007 and since then I accompany with joy whomsoever wants to start an inner and passionate journey.


How did you stay motivated during the last year and do you have any advice on building resilience for tough times?

Daily Heartfulness meditation has become my routine now since so many years and I could observe how much resilience and peace of mind it brings, whatever be the outer circumstances.


I can only encourage everyone, young or old, to try it!


Heartfulness has many offerings. You will find plenty of inspiring articles and videos in our online Heartfulness magazine and YouTube channel Yoga4unity which was launched this year.

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