Client Management Workshop

Library Life — published 14/10/16

How to prevent or deal with unpaid invoices?

We all know how important is to manage expectations in order to maintain rewarding relationships with our clients. That’s why, we recently met with young entrepreneur and lawyer Alexiane Wyns. Together we will offer an interactive workshop for Library members on 25 October at The Library Ixelles.  We asked Alexiane a few questions to get you in the mood:

  1. What is the first step to take on how to best manage your clients?

 “Start by double-checking the financial health of your customers. I will introduce you to a few tools on how to do that. Besides, a well-informed client will be less reluctant to pay your invoice in the end. We will discuss how you can improve this step. Finally, a close follow-up of sent invoices and late payments is essential and there are many things you can do before you will need a lawyer.”

  1. What do you think Library members can learn from your workshop?

“We can see business as a game and laws as the rules of the game. There are some specific rules about payment obligations. We will learn this together by sharing our experiences and I will give some strategic tips to the participants.”

  1. How did you get to know The Library?

“I’m a volunteer at Leadarise, a network and community aimed to empower aspiring female leaders to achieve their career ambitions. The Library is a big supporter of Leadarise and we often run events at the different Library locations –  and that’s how I met Anne-Sofie.”

For more info, check out  or contact us directly. All Library members are automatically invited. If you are not a Library member and wish to receive an invitation, please contact us directly via this link.

“Client Management Workshop” by Alexiane Wyns will take place at The Library Ixelles on Tuesday the 25th of October starting at 17:30, rue de l’Aurore 4 , 1000 Brussels.

Let’s say goodbye to late payments together!


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