Coworking trends in 2022 by Linn Gustafsson

Library Life — published 03/06/22





In 2022, companies went back to the offices after nearly two years of working mostly remotely. There are some new trends for coworking spaces due to people getting used to working in a domestic environment and without their colleagues.


Fulfilling the need for nature

The first trend is to make the coworking space more corporate friendly. One can customize the space and differentiate between one big open area, some small private offices for teams, and lounge areas. Close to the lounge area one could preferably find a space for recreational activities but not with activities such as table tennis and a chess board – that is in the past – Coworking magazine is suggesting trying something new like swings instead of normal sofas and bean bags. Along with swings the magazine is also suggesting including more greenery in coworking spaces and even artificial waterfalls and beaches belonging to the new designs to fulfill co-workers’ need of nature.

Connectivity and networking

The trends for 2022 are also about technology and location flexibility. The new thing is to replace an all-day manager taking care of the space with access cards, coworking space management software, a booking system, employee time tracking etc. because they have become so advanced. In other words, more independence and technology use will become an everyday thing.
Co-workers would opt for a space that has more than one location within a city, like that they get a chance to work at any of the locations even when they travel. So, if you are a space owner, it is time to think bigger and expand. Or there might be an opportunity to be part of a passport programme, which allows the cardholder to use a designated number of hours at any participating coworking space, in any country.
With this being said, it is worth mentioning that the main idea with coworking spaces is that people can rent desks for working purposes and meanwhile availing benefits that are impossible to get at an ordinary office or at home. It promotes business growth because of connectivity and networking with people around you; it brings more ideas and work which gives you a chance to expand your business. If you feel too relaxed at home, a coworking space could be beneficial for you. The space gives you the liberty to be a part of a community and interact with them if you like, collaborate, or just enjoy each other’s company.


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