help professionals use their voice with authenticity and confidence.

Finding your voice with Inês

Library Life — published 02/04/19

Inês is a recent Portuguese import to Brussels. And with her she has brought extraordinary insight into the power of your voice. Your voice is an amazing tool for you to achieve goals and to be perceived in the right light. We’ll let Inês do the explaining professionals use their voice with authenticity and confidence

Inês, your company is called Voice Power Leadership, how do you see the connection between these three concepts?

Well, it was a 10 years journey to bring them together! The voice is an instrument that reflects your inner self and personality, body and mind. When used properly, it empowers you. Not only in your personal life, but also in your professional life where you want to share your thoughts with others, collaborate with colleagues, persuade clients/teams and influence those around you. Using the voice with quality is a starting point for you to become a leader in your field.


All your confidence, enthusiasm and assertiveness is mirrored in the voice. Sometimes the problem can be just your breathing, which is quickly managed, and other times it is deeply related to the way we see ourselves. I believe that all the resources are inside of us and the goal is to bring the natural voice that everyone has out. This concept is explored in my book ”The Secret Power of Voice” (in Portuguese only, for now, unfortunately). This work is called “Vocal Coaching” and not “Vocal Therapy” (even with my background in speech and language therapy). It’s a process where people have a specific goal for which the voice is highly needed (speaking in public, meetings, conferences, TV, radio) and they are committed to being a better speaker – occasionally or every day – depending on the goal.


How do you help people develop their voices?

My purpose is to help professionals use their voice with authenticity and confidence. I work the voice using an integrated approach, helping my clients to communicate with more impact. Through personalised training, I facilitate the discovery of their best voice. The training covers topics such as posture, breathing, resonance, vocal variety and extension, intensity and vocal projection, expressiveness, relaxation and vocal warm up.


I help people with techniques that allow them to align their voice with the message, keeping the public focused and interested, show confidence and presence, improve the clarity of speech, use effective voice modulations, insert strategic pauses into the speech, protect and take care of the voice, reduce fatigue and tiredness, avoid mistakes that harm the quality of the voice, and achieve a more professional and credible image when speaking. With these tools, people achieve autonomy, effectiveness and quality in their communication.


Many of your sessions take place at The Library. What attracted you to The Library in the first place?

I discovered The Library just a few days after I came to live in Brussels. I found a room with space, natural light, quietness, beauty and where everyone feels comfortable. That’s the way I like to work with my clients (leaders, politicians and other professionals that work with their voices). The Library Ambiorix had all these ingredients as well as the advantage of the proximity to the European Commission. I’m enjoying also the networking opportunities and business synergies that happen between The Library Members. I hope it will be a long and productive collaboration between all of us.


Inês works with face-to-face sessions and online sessions, coaching, consultancy and training for individuals and groups. For more information on Vocal Coaching and to meet Inês, you can contact her here:

Inês Moura’s LinkedIn



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