Italian fashion has landed at The Library Ixelles

One of the things we love about The Library is how diverse the members are. One of our newest members at The Library Ixelles is handbag company Melina C.


Melina, how do you come up with your designs? What inspires you?

My homeland, Italy, is my main source of inspiration. Each bag in the Melina C collection bears the name of a village in North-Eastern Italy (Grado, Spilimbergo, Caorle, etc.): it’s a symbol and homage to the beautiful land of the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions. The design, the choice of the leather, the production…everything is 100% made in Italy.


As every entrepreneur knows, there are so many choices to make regarding marketing, distribution and points of sales. Your approach is quite different and interesting.

I decided to invest in a new concept, in order to reinvent the buying process itself. When women want to buy bags, they either go to a shop – where they do not receive any advice for their purchase, but at least can touch the product firsthand – or shop online – where bags are probably cheaper, but they are still left with no advice whatsoever. I decided to give them a third option: to buy the bags at a house party, where a “Fashionista” (a fashion expert) will reveal precious secrets on how to choose the perfect bag according to their own silhouettes and colours, letting them feel the different types of leather, giving suggestions on outfit/bag matches and much more.


If anyone would like to become a Melina C fashionista, how should they go about it?

If anyone wanted to become a business man/woman and organize fashion parties with his/her friends and earn some money at the same time, they should totally have a look at our website page here where they can find all the information they need.

Finally, how did you find The Library and has coworking already influenced your work in any way?

I discovered The Library on line, but later found out that we have some shared connections – it’s a small world! I believe it is a great network, full of possibilities. My Business Visibility Manager, Giulia, says that coworking helps her focus and be more productive, so we both truly appreciate how it is influencing our work.

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