Getting rid of SAD at The Library

Library Life — published 16/01/17

Growing up in the long, dark Scandinavian winters does not, unfortunately, make you immune to a touch of SAD – which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Basically, your classic winter slow mood, with a bit of lethargy, feelings of gloom and cravings for carbohydrates thrown in. Something has to be done!

Did you know that…

‘”In the distant past human’s lived in the outdoors and were exposed to sufficient levels of sunlight the whole year round even in the northern and southern hemispheres. However, nowadays our lives are mainly carried out indoors due to work pressures, busy lifestyles and change in social behaviours. With the advent of television and the growth in computer, phone and tablet based entertainment we spend more time than ever indoors and miss out on the light cues our body needs”.

Yup. Not great, right? However, your business would suffer if you just gave in to the season and started hibernating at home in your woolly socks with stacks of toast next to you. So to help you out of the gloom, we have invested in a SAD Therapy daylight lamp for every Library. The basic idea behind the SAD Therapy lamps is to create a simulation of sunlight, so that the receptors in the eyes can trigger the required Serotonin release within the brain for natural sleep cycles and general feelings of well-being.

It’s best to use the lamp in the morning, so you will not be too alert at night. So when you arrive at The Library in the morning, just take the lamp to your office for some light therapy or book it in advance at reception.

And then cake, Friday drinks and good company will have to do their parts as well for a gloom-free winter at The Library.

Enjoy the fake sunshine!

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