a workshop-like discussion on how to create a sustainable business with the experts from Bolder Impact.

Greener Habits

We are making more sustainable and climate friendly choices

The Library community is fuelled by mutual respect for our coworkers, for our buildings and for the world around us.

So we set out to see how we can change our habits and go for more sustainable and climate friendly choices.


Energy & Climate

The Library is powered by green energy and you can borrow the Library bike to save on taxi rides. We sponsor organisations fighting climate change and actively push for vegan menus to curb meat consumption.

Resources & Waste

We do not purchase plastic bottles or coffee capsules and we sort the trash. We use suppliers who are also actively working on reducing waste.


Imperfection vs. inaction

We aim to build greener habits as fast as we can and as good as we can, but of course you can always do better. We’d just rather take small imperfect steps than no steps at all.

Great ideas for climate responsibility and sustainability at The Library?
please contact Helena, our Greener Habits Officer

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