Home is where the heart is – meet Sarah, a French interior designer in Brussels

Library Life — published 06/05/20

We’ve never spend this much time at home before and it has never been more important that your home is a safe haven, where you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. So we contacted Sarah Kalman, who is a member at The Library Ixelles, to get inspired.

Sarah, you are an interior designer wish a specialty in older houses with character. What are some of your best tips for getting the most out of your space?

Try taking time to observe and analyze your interior; to consider it as a whole and not to treat it as a succession of distinct elements. It is important to notice the strong details and those that deserve to be valued. Then ask yourself, “What is most important to you to feel good? ” This step back is not always easy when you have your nose in it, that’s why I’m here.

I am very interested in the history of the house so that I can tell it in its layout and continue to tell a (new) story. The material is also very important as well as the way the ornamental elements were treated. In any case, follow your heart, not the latest trends in a magazine. Home is where the heart is. An interior must be timeless and last over time.

Afterwards, there is no magic recipe: each interior is unique as well as these inhabitants – they must be treated with care, uniqueness.


You are from France and has lived in Brussels for eight years now, what do you think of the architecture in Brussels?

After finishing my studies in Paris in interior design, I came to settle in Brussels. I have been living there for eight years now and feel like a local. The architecture here has real potential and deserves to be valued. We all know the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style but the Belgian capital is distinguished by its eclectic style. This is what also makes the city interesting. This multiplicity deserves more attention. Take the time to observe the façades.


What do you find to be the biggest challenges to being a (female) entrepreneur today?

I think we have to juggle between our different roles: Woman, business manager, parent, lover, friend, etc … while being operational on each position. I think this is a pressure that we put on ourselves and that should not be necessary.


You are quite new to the coworking at The Library Ixelles, how do you like working with other entrepreneurs?

I am inspired by their dynamism and the voluntary side of each worker. Everyone wants to prosper but above all to do better every day. It is very motivating to get up in the morning and be surrounded in this way.


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