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Join the workshop Introduction to Design Thinking

Library Life — published 18/03/19

We are pleased to invite you to the Introduction to Design Thinking workshop at The Library Ixelles on 28 March at 18.00. During this fast paced mini workshop, Library member, Robert Vos, will take us through all the stages of a specific user journey ending up with solutions that will improve that experience. For those that provide a service or work in service delivery it’s an interesting way of getting introduced to some tools. For everyone else it is a way to spark creativity in a very structured way.

But first, let’s get to know Robert a bit better…


Robert, you are bringing design thinking to the public sector through The New School. How did you come up with the idea for this line of work?

I’ve been working in the public sector for the last eight years and the focus was always on service delivery. Because the business case is never the most important element in that sector, there’s a big risk of just deciding for users what the want and need instead of involving them in the process. After working in a government innovation lab, I realised that building a knowledge base on how to design services and products around and with users was a necessity. That’s when I starting working the idea of a school that does exactly that. 

How do you invite innovation into your life?

I get inspiration in many ways, not just through technology. I try to keep an open mind and stay curious because it helps me try new things and experiment. Whether it’s an app, a habit, 10 minutes of meditation or building a learning experience, it all involves the same mind set. I look at innovation as a work in progress.


Where do you get inspired for your business?

Basically from everything: Movies, stories, other businesses and nature. I’m a big reader and podcast lover. That combined with trying to look at global trends in my sector helps me come up with new ideas. I also buy a random magazine every month about a topic I know nothing about. Indie magazines are great for that. Diving into these unknown worlds helps me realise there’s so much more to do and learn.


What brought you to The Library and how is coworking working out for you?

I was looking for a workspace that had all the benefits of being a home without being at home with the distractions that come with it. Someone with my attention span needs a calm and welcoming space that contributes instead of distracts. And that’s exactly what The Library does. 


Do join the workshop, please email Helena at to be registered to attend.

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