Balancing events in coworking

Library Life — published 21/03/16

Enjoy one-of-a-kind experience thanks to “Balance Event Design”

Since opening, The Library Ambiorix, welcomed new members to its coworking spaces, offices for rent or in its charming meeting rooms.  Members dedicated to their professions and who share with us their passions, values and expertise. Today we decided to introduce you the coworker of The Library Ambiorix, Thierry d’Otreppe and his company “Balance Event Design “. A new innovative agency, born from a desire of beauty and efficiency, specializing in corporate events. In order to find out more about its activities, The Library has interviewed Thierry during a nice coffee break in the ” Tea Room ” at The Library Ambiorix.

  1. Thierry, how did you start your business as an “Event Planner” and what was your inspiration and motivation?

T: After working as sound and light engineer for many years, in many different environments, I have acquired a certain expertise and I built myself a good network. Step by step, I refined my vision of the market and developed my creativity, thereupon I decided to start my own business. Today, my mission is to create one-of-a-kind experiences that my clients and their guests will remember for a long time. From my point of view, it is a question of balance between the traditional codes of the event, the audacity and the innovation.

  1. At the moment, what is your company’s main goal?

T: Become a major actor in creating customized and high-end corporate events.  To offer a global concept, very personalized, reflecting the image of our customers. In the innovation spirit, Balance Event Design, will launch in October 2016, its first self-production, the “Boarding Pass” event. The first Belgian event bringing together airline pilots community and active individuals in the world of aviation.

  1. What are your first impressions of “The Library”?

T:  A pleasant working environment with friendly people all over the house; a strong emulation that we can feel in the coworking and motivation and constant help of others. The Library for me, it’s only the good side of the colleagues. For more information about “Balance Event Design”, check out their website:

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