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Looking for a personal leadership style? Head to the Grand Nord

Library Life — published 06/02/18

I was very excited to meet Marianne this winter as she shares a lot of the same values that we believe in at The Library; empowering entrepreneurs, Nordic work-life balance and achieving sustainable growth. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

What is your main area of work?

Leadership development through training and coaching for individuals and organizations. My passion and ambition is to support future leaders in finding a sustainable and personal leadership style. To support organizations in growing and keeping talents (especially women) in their organization and to be a partner and sounding board for entrepreneurs. My experience is from international organizations and I really enjoy working with different cultures and languages.


You have travelled a lot and lived and worked abroad for many years. How do you find working in Belgium, compared to the other countries you’ve lived in?

I am new in the Belgian work environment at the same time as I am new to the life of an entrepreneur. But so far, I do find Brussels open and people eager to help and find solutions. I love the international atmosphere, it is exactly as Geneva where I used to live and work but more relaxed and down to earth.


What brought you to The Library?

I was looking around for meeting rooms to have somewhere to meet clients. Visiting the Library Europe, it was love at first sight. Anne-Sofie kept inviting me to events at Ambiorix and Ixelles and after a few months I just could not resist even though I was quite happy to work from home. I was amazed by Anne-Sofie’s networking skills and the positive and friendly energy in the buildings. I am now in the co-working at Ixelles since a couple of weeks and just amazed what I can get done in a day. Starting the day with a clear desk, being outside my home and around inspiring people.

You can learn more about Marianne and what she can offer here: http://www.grandnord.se/en/start/

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