Meet Mattia – a Neapolitan addition to The Library Group Team

Library Life — published 12/01/17

In January, Mattia, who was born and raised in Napoli, joined us at The Library Group to work at all three houses along with the rest of the team. But what is behind the handsome and friendly exterior? More friendliness and no dirty secrets, it seems…


1. What do you like about Brussels?

M: ” It’s a small capital, but with lots of energy. You feel part of a community unlike bigger cities like Paris and London. I also like that it is so international. You can go out with friends and speak 3-4 languages in a night. Even if it’s a small city, there is loads of things to do and lots of events going on. You can always find new things to do and to discover.”

2. You are the second youngest out of four brothers; how has it shaped your personality?

M: ” I had to fight for my rights in my family. When you have two older brothers, everything that you want, you’ll have to conquer and fight for. I always had to have discussions with especially my mum to get my first scooter, my first mobile phone or even to get the right to go out with friends.”

3. What is your favourite dish?

M: ” It depends on my mood. One of my favourite things to eat in Napoli is pizza with mozzarella di bufala. I prefer to eat at home, because meals prepared at home are always made with love and energy. “

4. What has surprised you during your first week of work at The Library?

M : ” I was expecting the members to be serious, business environment types. But the members at all three houses are so kind and have really made me feel part of a real community, where we share lunch times and experiences. It’s fresh and much more friendly than I thought.”

5. What would we be surprised to know about you?

M : ” I like cooking for other people and love organising dinners. It’s something that I had to learn since I left Napoli (and my mum). I used to be terrible at cooking and now I am actually quite good at it and will even cook for my family in Napoli and for my girlfriend of course. “

If you need Mattia’s help, just contact him at




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