The secrets of an organised, entrepreneurial life (coworking)

Library Life — published 29/05/18

On Wednesday 6 June, The Library Group will host a ‘Business Freedom Formula’ workshop in our coworking with the coaching company, Damarque, run by Library member Marc God. The workshop will take place at The Library Europe as of 18.00 and is open for Library members, coworkers and their friends. Here are a few insights behind the idea.


Marc, you run both fit20 and a coaching business. Will this workshop share some of your secrets to living an organised entrepreneurial life?

Yes, absolutely. Only, these are not actually secrets to live an organised entrepreneurial life, but proven tools and strategies that help you to generate more balance, success and happiness. Not every tool fits everyone; you have to try them out and see which ones work best for you and your company.


Is there a link between mental fitness and physical fitness and is that why you got into the fit20 business?

Yes, there definitely is a link between mental and physical heath and fitness. The saying ‘Animo Sane In Corpore Sane’ fits perfectly with my vision. When you are physically fit, research has proven that you are happier too. And happier people are more successful. This squares the circle. For me, my physical wellbeing has always ranked high on my priority list and even more so now that I am an entrepreneur. Fit20 targets busy professionals who want to stay fit and healthy in the most efficient way. These are the same people that we target with our business coaching work.

What can we expect to take away from your workshop on 6 June?

During this highly interactive event, participants will get an introduction to the Business Freedom Formula. We invite them to take a close look at their business & their life and discover the obstacles to reaching the next level. We offer practical tools and strategies for improving their business that can be implemented the next day. My business partner Joeri Billast, our digital wizard, will discuss how the power of digital marketing can be unlocked to attract your ideal clients and accelerate your business growth.

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