Meet Enkhzül

All smiles and Mongolian friendliness

When Marcela, Yasmine, Robert and I first met Enkhzül, we were blown away by her positivity and easy laugh. She has now been working for The Library Group for a little more than a month and it’s time to get to know her a little better. So here are a few Q&As with this exotic beauty from Mongolia.


Where did you grow up and what do you miss from there?

“I grew up in different places from Ulaanbaator in Mongolia and East Berlin to Kiev, but I spent the most time in Ulaanbaator before I came to Brussels, when I was 20.

I miss mostly Ulaanbaator; it is my hometown. Of course I miss my parents and my high school friends – especially all the small talk in Russian. I also miss the Mongolian cold winter and hot summer and the steppe with its unlimited blue sky, where you will see millions of stars on summer nights”.


What do you like the most about Brussels?

“What I like the most is the international society, the old European buildings and the Belgian fries”.


Now, you’ve worked at The Library for a month, what are your impressions so far?

“I find The Library to be welcoming, friendly and interesting. The trust of The Library team and the easy conversations with the members is so fantastic. I am really happy with my choice of new workplace”.

If you need Enkhzül’s help, just contact her at 

P.S.  If your tongue has some trouble with Enkhzül’s name, she says to please call her Zula…


PPS. To read more about Enkhzül’s hometown, visit:

How to dream during sleepless nights

From the imagination till the creation

So how did I dream up the idea of The Library?

Well, as my dream workplace was nowhere to be found, I realised (while walking in the Abbaye de la Cambre one day) that I would have to open the place myself. In a fever of excitement, I came up with the idea of mixing hotel-style services with a workplace in order to offer unprecedented personal knowledge. Et voilà, the concept of boutique business centre, coworking, private offices and meeting rooms was born all wrapped up in one name – The Library Group.

Next up was finding the right building, which was not so easy. But one Sunday morning on my way to the market, I stumbled over a derelict building in Ixelles and found that it was love at first sight. Fast forward over months of sleepless nights doing excel sheets in my mind to the recruitment of the wondrous Yasmine and Kamal (and later on, France and Marcela) – who are my first Library employees and daily sources of amusement and happiness.

Finally, on 1 September 2013, I put up The Library sign on the first building. In 2014, we opened the doors to The Library Europe and on 1 January 2016, The Library Ambiorix opened as the third location in Brussels. In the meantime, I have met so many fantastic people, who occupy the Libraries working with everything from investment banking to jewellery design. A true community of driven, fun and inspirational individuals.

If you’d like to know more about The Library, just book a trial date to come and work with us. It’s easy, fun and friendly. We have three best located houses in Brussels, you are welcome to come visit us and discover what a day at office can also be like.

I hope your dreams will come true too. Even if you’ll suffer through sleepless nights to make it happen.

All I wanted was friends and good lighting

How I discovered coworking

In 2010, I arrived in Brussels from Copenhagen. Full of optimism and adventurousness, I was certain I would make friends straight away. What followed was three years working from home with the arrival of the mailman as a social highlight and too much day-time TV.

I realized over the time that being at home all day quite alone is not the recipe for integration and happiness in a new country. So I compiled a list with everything my dream workplace would have to offer and it looked something like this:

  1. Other people
  2. A nice smell
  3. Business networking opportunities
  4. Internet that works all day, every day
  5. Good lighting
  6. A Christmas party
  7. Inspirational events
  8. Meeting rooms that would make me proud to invite clients over
  9. Snacks

However, that place was simply nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, I found that my personality slowly turned from extrovert to introvert. It was clear that something had to be done…little did I know that coworking in a boutique business centre,  with unique offices and great meeting rooms, would be the answer. Check in in a couple of days to see how the story evolved.

Meanwhile, this little video shows pretty well, how coworking has evolved in the last couple of years:


A new exciting cooperation at The Library Ixelles

Adventure Photography Workshop in Uzbekistan

As always, The Library coworking, offices for rent and meeting rooms, supports new ideas and original concepts. That’s why today we would like to present you the latest intra-Library cooperation, especially when it’s an exciting and out-of-the-box ones like this. Once again, the passion and creativity of our members can be seen in their work.

In order to discover more, Vita from (Bokeh Photo, Vita June) and Aurélie (Quinoa travel), both with their own offices at Library Ixelles members, have teamed-up on a workshop in Uzbekistan that combines photo practice and exotic travel.

It is a photo-story telling, photography and creative thinking workout that draws inspiration from the exotic Central Asia Silk road gem – Uzbekistan. Adventure Photography Workshop in Uzbekistan will help you learn to capture and align powerful photo stories and it will change the way you photograph regardless of the photo equipment you use.

Another way to combine two passions and discover more about it, in a real action adventure. Get yourself new memories and learning some new tips, it only can be good for you or your business.

For everyone who likes photography and travel this could be the best opportunity to gain extra knowledge and have some fun in the same time.

For more information about it, you can check it out below.

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