Guest blog: The Library Academy

Library Life — published 19/07/16

Guest blog: The Library Academy

Who would have thought that you can actually create a place that feels like a cosy boutique hotel with warm people that almost seem like they live there and still have a space that makes you want to get to work!? Our friends at The Library have proven that if you really mean it, you can do anything!


Early on, way before I ‘moved in’ with you all, we had talked much about making the Library a place where people could learn and grow. And as you know, there is a quite a menu available ranging from the practical all the way to the inspirational and even the spiritual. I am so glad to have been a part of that.

I am happy to announce that we will be starting a new season of The Library Academy in September! We took the best parts of last year’s program (check it out here; put all the lessons from last year’s experience into practice.

So here’s what’s coming:

Systematic Business Development

This is all about creating a practical system that helps you follow up with your best customers, and while you are at it, it makes sure that you are adding so much value to them that they eventually chose to give the business to you.

This is a practical session that will help you brainstorm on how to create amazing follow up experiences. The best ideas are often inspired by other lines of work. For example, what ideas can a B2B business pick up from the way a coach wins clients?

You would be amazed at how serendipitous the process behind of the greatest breakthroughs really were…

Storify Your Business

We are all wired for stories. It is how we have always shared information. When you tell a good story, people pay attention!

Knowing how to tell a great story goes a long way to conquer a place in the minds and hearts of your prospects. This is an interactive workshop where you put together a script for your business that will earn your customer’s attention.

Everybody can tell a great story, we do it all the time, even in our heads. You’ll be surprised to see that there is a format that works every time. Hint: it is the secret that those people use to make you want to watch hours and hours of all those TV series…

Future Proof

If I had a tattoo, it would probably say: “You can’t do tomorrow’s work with yesterday’s skills and expect to be in business tomorrow”.

Future Proof is an experience to think about your business and/or your career in a near future of exponential technological innovation. We’ll play a simulation game where you will need to consider your strategy to stay relevant in a fascinating, but often confusing near future.

Investor Pitches

I made this program to help people more successfully resonate with investors – also known to be the toughest ‘customers’ in town. Interestingly, the same skills to land investors are also required to convince people to partner with us. Both are essentially about money, reputation and the promise of getting results.

There comes a time when most of us need to raise capital or secure that strategic partnership that will take us to the next level, or even save our business. Regardless if you are business owner or an employee, this is a skill set that will increase your value!

So there you have it! We will be running each of these programs every month during September, October, and November. We’re running 3 rotations of the program so most of you can get the opportunity to participate.

I’ll also be running a few test versions (like a dress rehearsal) at the end of the month, so if you are in Brussels and would like to help me test drive these babies, just let me know via email on baldwin @ (I put the spaces in there to keep the spam bots away).

We’ll be in touch soon to provide you with more details such as dates and venues. Another good way to stay updated about the programs is to get on my email list via :

If you made all the way down here, thanks for taking the time. I’m really looking forward to this. Winter is coming (or summer never came), so let’s make sure it gets nice and warm between our ears!

Take care



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