The Business Breakthrough Academy at The Library

Library Life — published 29/02/16

Succeed in business on your own terms and build a business that people can love.

At The Library, we are passionate about entrepreneurship. Hey, it’s whats behind The Library in the first place. So when Baldwin, who has been teaching our Library Academy, and Gaëtan, Library member, mentioned that they were working on a programme for entrepreneurs, I jumped on board straight away. And a beautiful brainstorm commenced.

Here are a few of the issues that we will address with The Business Breakthrough Academy:
Do you have the potential to take your business to the next level, but need to find that ‘magic formula?
Do you want to be more confident when it comes to pricing, selling, communicating and convincing your clients?
Do you feel alone, overwhelmed and burned-out, but with no way to get off the treadmill that is your business?
Maybe you’re thinking about taking the ‘big leap’ to set up your own business but you’ve been holding it off because you’re worried about failing…

The other day, we shot a quick movie at The Library Ambiorix to put a voice to what we are trying to achieve. Check it out here:

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