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Library Life — published 08/11/16

Meet Pierre-Antoine, young and promising high-end fashion designer with a unique perspective.

  1. How did you start your career as a fashion designer and what was your inspiration and motivation?

P-A: “I was always passionate about fashion and beauty, I studied fashion in Paris and then in Belgium at the prestigious Royal Academy of Antwerp. In 2010, after I got my degree, I moved to Brussels and I decided to start my career as a freelancer while still collaborating with big fashion brands.  My work is versatile, textile design, design of women’s clothing, creation of a loungewear collection for men and product management for other brands is also part of my activities. I also work occasionally as a producer of fashion-related events and I also give Fashion history courses and garment in Paris as part of a program for American students.

My background allowed me to launch myself as freelancer and gave me the opportunity to express myself and to understand the overall structure of the company, which is not easy to do when you are an employee. I love traveling, especially in India, Africa, the United States where I can discover different textile work that inspires me a lot for my new and future collections.”

  1. What is currently your business goal?

P-A: “I like to create connections and work on different projects in various fields. Such as art exhibitions, create and produce collections, organizing events related to fashion and beauty or entrepreneurial projects. For now, I am very satisfied with this accelerated life rhythm.”

  1. Why did you choose “The Library”?

“It all started four years ago, when a friend of mine told me about this beautiful concept. As I am still travelling often I thought that coworking will be great for me. I visited The Library and I liked very much the space and the international networking.

I also, organize workshops sometimes therefore this is the perfect place for my work projects.

Besides, it’s so close to home and I love this nice district of Brussels.”

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