All I wanted was friends and good lighting

Library Life — published 26/05/16

How I discovered coworking

In 2010, I arrived in Brussels from Copenhagen. Full of optimism and adventurousness, I was certain I would make friends straight away. What followed was three years working from home with the arrival of the mailman as a social highlight and too much day-time TV.

I realized over the time that being at home all day quite alone is not the recipe for integration and happiness in a new country. So I compiled a list with everything my dream workplace would have to offer and it looked something like this:

  1. Other people
  2. A nice smell
  3. Business networking opportunities
  4. Internet that works all day, every day
  5. Good lighting
  6. A Christmas party
  7. Inspirational events
  8. Meeting rooms that would make me proud to invite clients over
  9. Snacks

However, that place was simply nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, I found that my personality slowly turned from extrovert to introvert. It was clear that something had to be done…little did I know that coworking in a boutique business centre,  with unique offices and great meeting rooms, would be the answer. Check in in a couple of days to see how the story evolved.

Meanwhile, this little video shows pretty well, how coworking has evolved in the last couple of years:


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